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Email Tracking

Sometimes your child may be hanging out with the wrong crowd, or your employee may be spending too much time talking to competitors behind your back. MaxxSpy gives you an opportunity to put a stop to this.

Note: You need “Root” android cell phone to Track Incoming / Outgoing Emails.

mobitracker lets you view all emails that the target phone sends through the Gmail application. With mobitracker, you can:

Read all emails sent or received by the target phone through the Gmail application.
Read the content of each email.
Get email address details of all senders and recipients.
All emails are uploaded to your online mobitracker control panel which you can access from anywhere with an internet connection.


Why You Need Hack Email Feature

Are your kids using their smartphones to email people they shouldn’t be in touch with? Are your employees using the Gmail client on their work phones to send personal emails? Do you fear strangers might be able to contact them through their Gmail IDs? mobitracker can help you know what is going on around you by giving you access to all of their emails sent through the Gmail application on their phone.

Why Need Track Incoming / Outgoing Emails?

Need to silently record incoming emails and outgoing emails of your child or employee? Learn the TRUTH with mobitracker! This stealth program installs to your compatible smartphone. It then records every email and logs every email including email address, content, date and more. View real time results in your private online account.