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MobiTracker is a powerful Mobile Phone Tracker Software which allows you to keep track of ALL the activities of any cell phone and control it remotely. Easy to track text messages, spy call recorder, track gps locations, track whatsapp messages, viber, facebook, kik, line…

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Quick Features Lists

Spy Call Recorder

Easy to Spy On Call Recorder, Call History.

Spy On Text Messages

Silently view all text messages’s sent and received.

Track GPS Location

Find out their current locations anytime on the map.

Track Web History

Read all of their web browsing history.

Spy Whatsapp Messages

Silently to read all their whatsapp conversations

Track Viber Messages

Silently to view all their viber conversations.

Track Facebook Messages

Read all their facebook chats.

Photo Monitoring

Get access all photos taken.

and more...

Track all contacts that are saved on the cell phone.

It is your All-In-One solutions to Cell Phone Tracker on Android. In just minutes, you can download and install this app Cell Phone Tracker and start tracking with these advanced FULL features. It Cell Phone Tracker includes ALL the advanced features necessary to truly get you the answers you want and deserve.

Once, It Cell Phone Tracker installed on the target cellphone you will be able to monitor and track all text messages send and reviced, track GPS location, track kik messages,  track whatsapp messages,  track viber messages, track text messages, track facebook chats,… All operational aspects of the phone’s mobile users will be monitored with the many features provided. Spying is done from a remote location, and all the activity log is uploaded online dashboard. These logs can be accessed from any internet ready device.

This day and age life is so rapid that everything changes in seconds and we don’t even know about it. Same is the situation with kids. The kids are used to using technology so frequently these days that they go towards some negative things in society and the parents don’t even know about it.  Eventually it ends as disaster for both the parents and the children itself.

So, to overcome these negative points and barriers, MobiTracker has designed Mobile Tracker Software for such parents which will help them to keep the track of their children. It will be helpful in a way that it will cover each and every second of the activity done by the children.

For example, a child is coming back from school but he decides to go to some wrong place with his friends and do some silly things, his parents, with the help of this superb Mobile Tracker Software will be able to know about his exact location on the exact timing.

Now, we are coming towards the process which takes place when we are using this software to trace the location. It is installed in the cell phone which you are targeting. You should remember one thing that is if the phone you are targeting has a password you have to open it. The second thing is that when you are going to sign up for the software you will be given some details of email and passwords. Those details should be entered while signing in to the software and it will start tracking the location and the things done by the cell phone. You will be able to catch the information with the web browser. The other important things is you need to have an established internet connection of good speed connected to your computer.

After the discussion of some technical terms in the process of operating Mobile Tracker Software let us discuss some other scenarios where MobiTracker Mobile Tracker Software can be used . It can be used by the owners of the companies to keep the track of all the employers working for them. For example, the owner is outside for some work and he wants to check what is going around there in his absence he can turn his laptop on and look at the situation back. But for that, every employee should be given the company phones with the software  installed in it.

One another scenario is of the couple’s  relation having a third party involved in one of them and the other is trying to know about the actions and routine of the one who is attracted towards that third party more. This can be helpful for such people.

Some people say that this is a wrong method to use the technology, but if we think at it for some time, we will end up on a conclusion that technology has created many bad things also. And to abstain from those bad things we are using this wonderful software.

So, mobitracker Is a great Mobile Tracker Software which can help you in getting the information you could only imagine

What Is MobiTracker?

MobiTracker is the most powerful Cell Phone Tracker allows you to keep monitor and track of ALL the activities of any cell phone. The application is super easy to install on the target phone you want to monitor. Once installed on the target phone you will be able to monitor and track all calls sent and received, track real time GPS location of the cellphone, track and monitor text messages (SMS), have access to the entire contacts list and photos stored on the phone and much more. MobiTracker application satisfies all needs for spying, monitoring and backing up the data for any cellphone.

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